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  • WA Pilots Assoc 8MB (2:30)

  • Description: Washington State Pilots. Promoting General Aviation since 1960 through Social Activities, Outreach, Education, & Advocacy. These eperienced pilots take great pride in our state, it’s airports, aircraft, and in protecting our freedoms to fly the Northwest Skies.
  • Credits: Geoff Scott, Blake McKinley, Mike Eller, Paul Veitzkie, WA State Pilots
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    INLAND HELICOPTER DEMOS, AS SEEN ON ROCK945.COM: (co-starring ‘Becky’ from sales!)

  • ‘High In The Sky’ (lesson1) 18MB (5:30)
  • Description: As featured on Rock 94 & 1/2 (and Geoff and Becky are put to task by INLAND HELICOPTERS chief instructor Dave Velenti who says that ‘nearly anyone’ can learn to fly a helicopter. You got an hour? Go to INLAND HELICOPTER at Felts Feild and take the demo-flight and see for yourself…It’s fun!!!
  • Credits: Geoff Scott, Becky Blair, Dave Velenti, INLAND HELICOPTERS
  • SOLO#11 – Practice stuff 40MB (18:08)
  • Description: A man (Geoff) and that Cessna 152 take on a chilly November weekend running through key elements in the final stages of solo-flight training. Photographed over the stark terrain of the Ea Washingnton late fall. A free lesson for prospective students; Dutch Rolls, Steep turns, Patterns, & ‘Slow-flight’ featured in this Video.
  • Credits: Geoff Scott, Spokane Airways
  • Description: As featured on the AOPA PROJECT:PILOT website, getting a mentor is just the beginning. But, with a mentor~ the chances of FINISHING flight training go up 300%! Follow along as Geoff and Mike ‘get the ticket, and take the ride’ set to a grand NorthWest tour.
  • Credits: Geoff Scott, Mike Eller, WPA, AOPA, original music soundtrack by KITE.
  • SOLO3 VIDEO (W-ATC) 6MB (1:52)
  • Description: A man (Geoff) and his Cessna, take on the challenging traffic patterns of an International airport on this typical day of solo-training. Hear the actual Air Traffic Control communications as the student is vectored between SouthWest 737′s and Horizon ATR’s…ah~ Roger, Roger.
  • Credits: Geoff Scott, Spokane Airways
  • WPA ‘Hutton’ Flight VIDEO 40MB (15:49)
  • Description: Raw-edit B-Roll for use in WPA PROJECT, this video documents the annual ‘Hutton Fly-Out’ to Cavanaugh Bay, Preist Lake. Hutton children-residents are treated to a back-woods grass-strip beach-side picnic every summer. Geoff’s AOPA appointed Pilot-Mentor, Blake, demonstrates some excellent flying ability and proper GPS x-country execution.
  • Credits: Geoff Scott, Blake McKinley, WPA
  • SOLO6 South Practice VIDEO 5MB (1:20)
  • Description: A man (Geoff) and his Cessna, venture southward over the carpeted rolling hills of The Palouse. Between maneuvering about and dead-reckoning this stark landscape, we discover a hidden gem in true testament to the awesome force of mother nature.
  • Credits: Geoff Scott, Spokane Airways
  • WPA ‘Vets’ fly-out VIDEO 60MB (24:29)
  • Description: Raw-edit B-Roll for use in WPA PROJECT, this video documents the annual ‘Vets Fly-Out’ through rugged North Idaho. With a small fleet of Washington-State pilots, and some 18 Vets, you’ll see some really cool fly-by over the most awesome terrain of the Inland-NorthWest!
  • Credits: Geoff Scott, Mike Eller, WPA
  • SOLO8 Deer Park Practice VIDEO 6MB (1:59)
  • Description: A man (Geoff) and his 152 take on the smaller – uncontrolled Runways of Deer Park (WA) in this solo flight #8. Watch out for moose, and tractors! Special attention to in-flight perspectives of landing-phase and ‘Touch N’ Goes are highlighted.
  • Credits: Geoff Scott, Spokane Airways
  • WPA Snake River VIDEO-shoot 20MB (8:10)
  • Description: Geoff and AOPA Pilot-Mentor Blake are at it again, this time shooting B-Roll for the WPA PROJECT at the WPA’s adopted Lower-Granite Dam Airport. WPA’s Paul Vietzke makes a ‘cameo’ in his Piper 140 on this nicely improved gravel strip.
  • Credits: Geoff Scott, Blake McKinley, Paul Vietzke, WPA
  • SOLO – ‘Anatomy of a missed approach” VIDEO 6MB (1:58)
  • Description: A man (Geoff) and his Cessna 152 encounter unstable afternoon summer conditions on final approach to a new Runway, resulting (smartly) in an aborted landing attempt. See why. Note: No Aircraft or property were damaged in the making of this video.
  • Credits: Geoff Scott, Spokane Airways
    (these videos @125x unless noted, 8MM 29.9FPS/ANALOG)

    mountain-convective/orographic development.

    ridge-convection/orographic building with mid-level (strong) wind-sheer.

    Building CB (Cumulo-Nimbus) moves in from Columbia Basin, nearly missing WX-Geek Cam, offering a rare cross-sectional view of intake/feeder/mechanics of rapid “Squall-Line” passage.

    Severe Weather, visible wall-cloud advancement, and vivid lightning displays highlight this late-night pre-frontal passage. (hint: watch tree across the street)

    Slowly building CU (Cumulus) in light mid-level air currents result in a ‘slow-boil’ early summer’s afternoon.

    Strong storm passage over North Idaho panhandle results in “outflow” wind-sheer spreading out over Spokane Valley to the west…

    Poof!!!! There it is …and, it had been such a nice day.

    Notice the fair-weather cumulus & passing beneath the cirriform in upper-level jet?
    Glider pilots love such “cloud-streets” and are able to soar great distances on these lead edges.


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