A Return to Raincheck

When I was a kid I got to go up to Boston Logan Airports tower thanks to a VERY NICE FLIGHT SERVICE STATION person who understood I was just a kid who flew gliders at the age of 12, with greater dreams of flight and a never-ending curiosity for anything aviation related.

Fast-Forward now, I’m now a grown man and flying Cessna’s and Fixed-Wing when economy allows. But I still get a certain twinkle in my eye when I see an airplane or control tower and secretly long to soar puffy cloudstreets with seagulls, eagles, and even an occasional trash-bag at 4,000′… Sorry, I was day-dreaming again on you.

Room with a view! ‘ye olde crowes nest’ for our wonderful ATC

This is the photo album that goes with the story published for the WA PILOTS ASSOC DECEMBER 2011 “WINGS’ MAGAZINE. AV8News gives you the “Tower Tour” so you will use their services! True professionals and pilots themselves, our local Air Traffic Controllers are among the most compassionate,kind, and accommodating in the nation! I know. I learned to fly from ‘under their wing’ at Spokane International. And that means the VERY PATIENT too :) we are so lucky to have them ‘watching our backs’ for safer skies and comforting traffic-separation services.




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WA Pilots win, Snake River airports open all year!



SNAKE RIVER – Outdoor enthusiasts are getting some air-support that will help them reach their recreation hotspots this winter and next spring. *ed: The WPA/Spokane chapter stewards the Lower Granite (00W) airport spear-heading this effort to keep this unique and pristine area open.  Disclaimer: Chapter President Tom Morris, is a friend of ours and a proud 18,000hr trans-oceanic airline guy, who is hanging his scrambled egg brim hat this weekend… Congrats Tom!

Washington State Department of Transportation announced earlier this week that the Lower Monumental, Lower Granite and Little Goose airports along the Snake River in Walla Walla, Whitman and Spokane counties, will remain open year-round.

In past years, these airports have typically closed between October and June. This changed after WSDOT and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) weighed a number of factors, including expressed interest from pilots and recreational organizations.

“Keeping these state-operated airports open all year will help support the local economies and allow pilots much greater access to popular winter fishing and hunting activities along the Snake River corridor,” said Paul Wolf, WSDOT airport manager, adding that WSDOT leases the airports from the ACOE. “We were able to keep them open because of flexibility in our lease agreements and the fact that the airports typically don’t see a lot of snow in the winter.”

Nine of the 17 WSDOT-operated airports are currently closed for the winter due to typical snow accumulations on airport runways, lease agreements and state law requirements. And while the Lower Monumental, Lower Granite and Little Goose airports are not scheduled to close, pilots are reminded to plan ahead by reviewing the latest Notices to Airmen and checking WSDOT’s state-operated airports webpage for updated information about airport closures.

“It’s important to note that even though these airports are scheduled to remain open throughout the year, adverse weather can change this very quickly,” Wolf said. “We won’t be conducting snow removal at the Snake River airports, and they will be closed if snow accumulates on the runways.”

-WDOT (via wsdot@service.govdelivery.com)

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