“When Bad Things Happen”

Things just went ‘south’ in a hurry….  you’re on short-final for Spokane International with “Emergency” declared, and you wonder what will be there waiting to meet you on the ground? The men & women of the A.R.F.F. as they describe equipment, response protocols, and after-the-incident procedures and possible paperwork … while some pilots delay to declare, for fear of the “unknown response” factor and the red-tape. These Fire Fighters are going to show us that declaring an emergency is in everyone’s best interest when unsure if it IS an emergency, or if the risks of one are high~

The Washington Pilots Assoc. Spokane Chapter…  In conjunction with FAA Northern Rockies Safety Team, International Association of Fire Fighters Local #1789, and with the generous support of Spokane Airways; bring you the ultimate in Fire/Rescue/Crash Response/Equipment safety seminars on Saturday, April 10, 2010 1400(local) at Spokane International Airport.

Lt. EMT Time Lively, and FF EMT Chris Wetherell will describe responding to incidents, crash and rescue mitigation, equipment plus select demonstrations. For more information, or to register,  please see the FAA FAAST website event #NM13331037 to reserve your seat, and, meet up at Spokane Airways 30:00 prior to event for complimentary shuttle service. Fly-Ins are welcome, and Spokane Airways has even graciously offered a generous full-service fuel discount for any attendees who ustilize the Flight Center.

Contacts: J.Townsley (highflight@q.com), FAA FAAST TEAM & Spokane Airways: (509) 747-2017

- AV8News

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03-25-10 AV8News

Senate votes for wide-scale NextGen by 2014

The Senate passed a sweeping FAA re-authorization bill mandating installation of NextGen air-traffic control technologies at the busiest U.S. airports by 2014. Full, non-commercial implementation of NextGen would be required sometime after 2020, with a total cost to the FAA estimated at $22 billion. -Rueters

“Flying Flapper” pilot dies at age 98

Pilot Elinor Smith, who was known as the “Flying Flapper” in the 1920s and 1930s, died last week at age 98. Smith flew with such legends as Amelia Earhart and James Doolittle and set several aviation records. She received her pilot’s license, which was signed by Orville Wright, at age 16.

- The Wall Street Journal

FAA bill sets co-pilot minimum flight time at 800 hours

The Senate has approved an amendment to the FAA reauthorization bill that would boost required flight experience for new airline co-pilots to 800 hours, up from the current standard of 250 hours. Some airline safety advocates had been pushing for a 1,500-hour limit, but Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., the amendment’s sponsor, said he simply “didn’t have the votes” – The Buffalo News (N.Y.)

Canada relaxes entry requirements for LSAs from U.S.

U.S. pilots of light sport aircraft may now fly into Canada without paying a $100 fee and filling out a validation form, according to the Experimental Aircraft Association. “Now LSA owners simply have to download the Standardized Validation form, follow customs requirements, and fly”- AVweb

NASA tests energy absorbers for helicopter crashes

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is testing on helicopters a material originally designed for space vehicles. Engineers are testing deployable energy absorbers, which can cushion helicopter crash landings. -TechNewsDaily.com


KGEG/Geiger Pilots, get ready to practice on your cross-wind skills for YET ANOTHER summer as RWY 3/21 is set for closure AGAIN this year as the 2000’ extension to the west is completed. Best bet is to check your NOTAMS for exact status and existing runway availability.

-Geoff Scott, AV8News (FAA release- NOTC2188)

details: On April 5, 2010, Spokane International Airport (KGEG) will resume construction of a 2,000′ extension to the southwest end of runway 3-21.  Construction is scheduled to continue through November 18, 2010.  This project involves numerous phases of taxiway and runway closures was well as periods of operation with shortened available runway lengths.  Runway 7-25 will also be affected during portions of the construction project.

The airport management has provided a Construction Update and Airport Diagram which provide additional information.  Click here to view these documents. ( – FAAST BLAST )

Felts update: Limited Fuel Services Contract Awarded

In a letter obtained by AV8News Felts Airport operations announced that a limited fuel services contract has been awarded for a period of 12 months after FFA ceases operations…. Click on image to view in full-sized/text mode.

AV8NEWS spoke with WESTERN AVIATION (also located at the field, at 5505 Rutter) who said they would gladly pick up any business, and pilots should not feel “short changed”, offering a full compliment of available parts, accessories and services (excluding Charter and Rentals)… perhaps fuel in the future. They can be reached at (509) 534-1731


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The House reintroduced HB 3191 on Monday and retained it in its present status.  It still contains the ½ of one percent tax on all aircraft, with no provision for the lower tax on older aircraft that we saw last week in a House amendment to a Senate bill, SB 6143.

The lower tax only appears in a House amendment to a Senate bill.  The reintroduction and retention of HB 3191 in the House without that change appears to send a message that they are pressing forward with the original tax proposal.  The House amendment to the Senate bill might have been nothing more than smoke and mirrors, or an attempt to ‘divide and conquer’ us aircraft owners, since in the end the House didn’t make the same change in their own bill.

If we don’t continue to fight this tax, we are going to be stuck with it.  The Legislature is under a lot of pressure to produce a budget ASAP, hopefully by the end of this week.  Letters, emails, phone calls, personal visits – whatever it takes, whatever you can do, now is the time.

FAA Requires Inspection Of Certain Boeing 737s

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued an emergency airworthiness directive Friday requiring that airlines inspect about 600 Boeing 737s within 12 to 30 days to check a mechanism that controls the flap on the horizontal tails of the jets.

( http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/boeingaerospace/2011337545_boeing737s13.html )

FAA Requires Plastic Pilot’s Licenses By End Of Month

The Federal Aviation Administration is requiring pilots to trade paper licenses for plastic licenses by March 31. The cost to receive a new license in the mail is $2. “We’ve been working on this since 2003, we’ve been starting to convert, and by now over 90% of pilots have converted,” said FAA spokesman Roland Herwig. KFOR-TV (Oklahoma City) -AOPA

Washington Pilots Protest GA Tax

Washington state pilots are protesting a proposed tax hike for general aviation. Senate Bill 6143 would impose a 0.5% annual excise tax on aircraft manufactured after 1970. A coalition of pilots warned the tax could drive general aviation businesses out of state. General Aviation News


Wednesday: Pro School – “Back Country Decision Making”

Wednesday March 17, 2010 at 6:30 pm

Spokane Turbine Center
5627 E Rutter Ave (Felts/Spokane)

Fly – Low red brick building located just south of the approach to RWY 3R @ KSFF.  Transient tie downs to east on ramp.  Drive – From I-90, take exit 286.  Turn north on Park Street, left on Rutter Ave, first right past Fancher Blvd.

(http://www.faasafety.gov/SPANS/event_details.aspx?eid=30807) Select Number: NM1330807

FAAST Gets A New “Look”

For those familiar with the FAA’s online safety team F.A.A.S.T. you may want to log back in and get familiarized with the “new look” of the site. Everything is still on there (they haven’t changed your WINGS credits, don’t worry) but it does take some re-acclimation to find your WINGS page and previous events completed. You can find a document of site changes located at this link:


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Sent: Monday, March 08, 2010 11:40 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Congratulations! It’s an airport!!


After several years of studies and riding the ups and downs of the tides of opinions on the fate of Vista Field, today was the big vote.  In a unanimous decision by the three port commissioners, they voted to keep the airport open!

To the many of you who attended the Monday night hearing, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Thanks to all of you who stepped up to the podium and spoke on behalf of keeping the airport open.  Thirty-six people spoke in favor of keeping the airport and six wanted it closed.

The meeting was orderly, the speakers were eloquent, considerate, and courteous.  A wide variety of points were made with many speakers from outside the area, as well as locally.  John Sibold of the WSDOT Aviation Division, Carol Moser chairman of the state Transportation Committee, and John Dobson of Washington Pilots Association were among the notable speakers in favor of keeping Vista Field open.

- Marjy Leggett/AOPA Airport Support Network Volunteer

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03-04-10 AV8News; Update

Photo Courtesy Dave DuFour- Spokane Airways

Photo: Dave DuFour

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NAL 2009

NAL2009.. Get yours!

Another “safe” year for GA, and safer still for rotary wing (ED: Despite an apparent rash of heavily publicized news & aero-ambulance mishaps earlier in the year) with the AOPA reporting commercial helicopters had the safest rate of them all…The number of non-commercial fixed-wing general aviation accidents decreased 5.3% from 2007 to 2008 (from 1,324 to 1,254), but this reflected a decrease in flight activity as well as a slight reduction in the accident rate.  The 236 fatal accidents and 433 individual deaths were the lowest on record, but the fatal accident rate remained close to its historic average…(more) – http://www.aopa.org/asf/publications/nall.html?WT.mc_id=100219epilot&WT.mc_sect=s

WPA Banquet; 5 scholarships & “Quest Mission” highlight evening

Pilots, Business & Community leaders, aircraft owners & operators turned out Saturday in Spokane for the annual fundraiser chairty auction and banquet high atop the Comfort Inn. Some $4000 approximately raised this year for scholarships,, Hutton House & Vets flights, & Youth Aviation (YAA). WPA members treated to a fabulous view and dinner with over 120 in attendance, key speaker Dave Voetmann describe the Quest Kodiak; development and mission programs. It was amazing to see this very versatile aircraft in the sticks & bush bringing food and supplies and changing lives. We invite you to check out their website (http://www.questaircraft.com) and see some of these incredible photos. After seeing the presentation and some of the wonderful things they have done for third world countries… Most of us came home wanting home to get involved. Look for more on this in April’s “Spokane Flyer” newsletter

The MAF in Mali, with their Mayor (in blue)

John Dobson, president of the WPA was there as well, reminding us to get involved with our legislators NOW before bills passage or pay the 1/2% excise tax, for “the privilege” of flying Washington’s skies.  please see extensive coverage below for key points and contact information. Time is running out. Local aviation business got THEIR say in a teleconference with house committee and members of the aviation community.See the ATTACHED DOCUMENT  “Meeting notes” while the Ways and Means committee moves forward on Capitol hill~ our voices are all strongly needed at this time!

Additional .5% EXCISE TAX INITIATIVE coverage:

TSA planning to inspect repair shops

GA News today reporting thousands of airplane maintenance shops would get increased scrutiny to make sure they are not easy prey for terrorists looking to sabotage U.S. jets during routine repairs, according to a story in USA Today,which  notes:“Some experts and lawmakers have warned for years about potential terrorist saboteurs infiltrating airplane repair shops, and have urged security oversight. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says the greatest danger is posed by repair shops that are on or next to airports because a terrorist could take control of an airplane.” -  http://www.usatoday.com/travel/flights/2009-11-16-repairs_N.htm?obref=obnetwork

FAA seeks a better NOTAM

The call is out for your professional aviation and flight planning expertise in assisting the Feds to streamline the NOTAM prosess.. Get involved by taking this short “confidential” survey posted at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/629HRNH -FAA Faast Blast

Piper Aircraft back in the A/D spotlight:

Although not announced yet, here’s the proposal to have the V-band exhaust coupling; “… Piper Aircraft, Inc. Models PA-32R-301T and PA-46-350P airplanes. This proposed AD would require you to replace any spot-welded V-band exhaust coupling with a riveted V-band exhaust coupling. This proposed AD results from reports that spot-welded V-band exhaust couplings are failing. We are proposing this AD to prevent failure of the V-band exhaust coupling, which could cause the exhaust pipe to detach from the turbocharger….The FAA estimates that 596 aircraft could be affected and that it could cost $884 dollars to repair, including parts and labor. Pilots of the PA32R & 46-350P have untill April 5th to comment on the proposal.


AV8News Correction:

As previously reported, FAA knowledge fees will be going up. It appeared after a mis-dated letter from LASERGRADE  that this change HAS already taken place… not April 1st, as reported.

tight with the Baron....

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