‘THE SEVENTEEN’ Completes Production, Ready To Roll…

AIR CREATIVE teams up with COMMEMORATIVE AIR FORCE & LC Valley’s FRIENDS OF THE AIRPORT to document one of the last flying B-17 ‘Fortresses’ in existence …From pilot’s perspective! SEE CLIP ON ‘VIDEO’ PAGE

CAPT. RICH ROBERTS (CAF & US AIRWAYS) Narrates this technical documentary from History, through Pre-Flight, Navigation and Logistical challenges in this behind-the-scenes and very candid view at Airplane & it’s unique crew. Filmed in the skies over the beautiful Inter-Mountain Northwest, an entertaining, captivating and VERY EDUCATIONAL 70 minute presentation.

Made it!!! Hello Coeur D'Alene

It should be noted that although the DVD is promotional in nature, produced for LWS ‘Friends Of The Airport’, WASHINGTON PILOTS ASSOC ‘Wings’ & enthusiasts~ is not planned for commercial release… However, look for a YOUTUBE version in the very-near future, according to the producers. For more information on the C.A.F. and it’s large inventory of FLYING VINTAGE AIRCRAFT check out www.azcaf.org

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What Goes Up…

UPDATE TIME! Working on a couple educational video projects, one with the C.A.F. featuring the B-17 ‘Sentimental Journey’ and the other a very interesting look at Density Altitudes, for the FAAST FAA Safety Team NW. (Aside from actually getting to FLY A B-17) Some of the wake vorticity study we did recently was especially interesting:


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WA Pilots win, Snake River airports open all year!



SNAKE RIVER – Outdoor enthusiasts are getting some air-support that will help them reach their recreation hotspots this winter and next spring. *ed: The WPA/Spokane chapter stewards the Lower Granite (00W) airport spear-heading this effort to keep this unique and pristine area open.  Disclaimer: Chapter President Tom Morris, is a friend of ours and a proud 18,000hr trans-oceanic airline guy, who is hanging his scrambled egg brim hat this weekend… Congrats Tom!

Washington State Department of Transportation announced earlier this week that the Lower Monumental, Lower Granite and Little Goose airports along the Snake River in Walla Walla, Whitman and Spokane counties, will remain open year-round.

In past years, these airports have typically closed between October and June. This changed after WSDOT and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) weighed a number of factors, including expressed interest from pilots and recreational organizations.

“Keeping these state-operated airports open all year will help support the local economies and allow pilots much greater access to popular winter fishing and hunting activities along the Snake River corridor,” said Paul Wolf, WSDOT airport manager, adding that WSDOT leases the airports from the ACOE. “We were able to keep them open because of flexibility in our lease agreements and the fact that the airports typically don’t see a lot of snow in the winter.”

Nine of the 17 WSDOT-operated airports are currently closed for the winter due to typical snow accumulations on airport runways, lease agreements and state law requirements. And while the Lower Monumental, Lower Granite and Little Goose airports are not scheduled to close, pilots are reminded to plan ahead by reviewing the latest Notices to Airmen and checking WSDOT’s state-operated airports webpage for updated information about airport closures.

“It’s important to note that even though these airports are scheduled to remain open throughout the year, adverse weather can change this very quickly,” Wolf said. “We won’t be conducting snow removal at the Snake River airports, and they will be closed if snow accumulates on the runways.”

-WDOT (via wsdot@service.govdelivery.com)

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Air Fair?? Air…FANTASTIC!

Big wings over the LC Valley… 

This crew from Whidbey Island Naval Station enjoys the best weather all year!

EAA Chapter #328, The Commemorative Air Force & AV8News wants to thank EVERYONE for coming by AIRFAIR 2011, I grabbed some highlights you can check out in above slideshow, that is, while we weren’t busy crooning the crowd with the romantic 40′s big band music. *additional details and story posted on sister website!

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Spokane Tower Dedicated To WWII Veteran

The Ray Daves Tower at Geiger International was officially renamed and dedicated in a first-of-a-kind event in our country for a very special man–Ray Daves, a WWII NCO and Purple Heart recipient. Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (WA-05) spoke at the dedication, made possible by passage a bill she introduced to the 111th Congress that was signed into law on Dec. 22, 2010.”

Said the 90 year-old veteran sailor, and subject of the book “Radioman” by Carol Edgemon Hipperson (St. Martin’s Press), “Today I am humbled to be in the presence of this gathering: Representative McMorris-Rodgers, military and government officials, FAA personnel, local dignitaries and my family. The technicians who keep everything up and running and the crews who make it possible for the controllers to do their jobs safely and well. I didn’t realize when Tom Torvick, his sister Stephanie, his mother Roberta Yanuszeski and Liz Larsen began the process to rename the tower, something this monumental would come of their untiring efforts. I thank them for believing in me and the process. How fortunate we are to have made such wonderful new friends during this time. When I began working for the civil aeronautics agency in early 1946, I knew I had found the perfect job. In fact, it became my passion. I couldn’t wait to get back to work….even when on vacation.”

Proud grand-daughter Angela Boyette says of the honors, “GP smiled bigger than I have seen him smile in a long time….They presented him with a flag that they flew over the tower the day the bill was passed- way cool! They will have a shadow box just inside the tower with a beautiful plaque and picture…. tells the story a bit. He is mainly just trying to come to terms with his overwhelming feelings. It brought tears to his eyes to be honored in such a way.”

Angela adds, “We hope this brings more awareness to Honor Flight too. We have 150 veterans on a waiting list to go.” She requests that donations be sent to:

Inland Northwest Honor Flight
608 W 2nd, Ste 309
Spokane, WA 99201-4430


Read more about the Ray Daves Air Traffic Control Tower Dedication in the March 2011 Washington Pilots Association Newsletter on-line at: http://www.wpaflys.org/Chapters/Spokane/Mar11Online.pdf

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100 Year Wings

J.J. Ward piloted the first powered flight over the LC Valley on October 13th, 1910.

Now, 100yrs later, the 1909 Herring-Curtis “Model- D Pusher” flies once again, looking and flying just like the original at first glance, then look again; the O-200 engine, sturdy wheels capable of cross-wind hard surfaces, and rudder pedals? It’s better. (Certain “modern day” amenities incorporated to meet current FAA standards)
Roll-out at Stout Aviation for '100Year Annv'
Built by Jim Otey (former WPA president & Boeing engineer) and recently inducted EAA-Hall-Of-Famer Dean Wilson (inventor of the Avid-Flyer & “kit Fox”), The brittled- yellow plans were discovered in a widow’s attic and brought to the EAA, soon to discover they were the wing-forms for the 1st aircraft ever flown in Idaho! Glenn-Curtiss museum shipped copies of the original plans for $25. 1400’ of rigging, spruce, bamboo tubing, cloth doping, and 2 yrs later: The 724lb Bi-winged 4-stabilized “Header” was officially rolled-out under Governor-proclamation for “IDAHO CENTENNIAL OF FLIGHT” at Stout Aviation.

How does it feel to learn a plane never flown before? Otey says- “With that 80hp C-150 engine the minute you apply power – you better be ready to start flying!” Curtis would most certainly have approved of this remarkable 400′ take-off in 5 second and climb at 55… that’s nearly “Mach 3″ in Wright speed . “260’(sq) of wing @ 4lbs per foot loading, it flies more like a glider than a Champ… but you wouldn’t want to try and glide it.” Jim adds. There are several offers to house it at several area museums and even an invite for the US Navy 100yr anniversary~ though, maybe not; “My stomach isn’t so tight anymore, I think it’s growing on me” Jim admits, rolling beside two PBS-TV camera trucks down RWY8 at KLWS.

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2010 WPA/Vets Take Wing

One thing about the annual WPA Veteran’s “Fall Foliage” flight; we never know what the flying weather will be like on the third weekend of September, until we get there! Even as I awoke at 3AM to drive up from Clarkston to pick up Dave and the 172 for a 0900 rendezvous, the radar peppered with cauliflower patches of brightened green and orange along our “normal” intended route up the Idaho/Montana border. Outside, the rain pounded our metal roof between nearly continuous deafening claps of thunder. “…We’re not going flying, TODAY” I thought.

Fall arrives in the Pacific NorthWest

Then, looking again, I noticed a clearing line rapidly developing over the L/C Valley and confirmed it with a quick glance at the Satellite view. There WAS a chance we’d have a “window” after all. So, in the 4:30AM darkness, I chased the back-end across the Palouse, catching up with the rain again at Rosalia… IF the GO-NO GO was going to be a last minute call between all of us, at least I’d be there to be GONE or NOT-GONE. The windshield was still lightly beading as we touched-down on Runway 3L at Felts and saw the group of Pilots & veterans already assembled on the Western Ramp. Pam Wicks (of the V.A.) had brought an “eager” group of guests this year~ one route or another; we would not let them down!
It was agreed conditions were looking better to the West, so, we chose the Spokane River route. Low ceilings kept our initial leg to around 4,000’ and working just out of the boundary of Class “Charlie” airspace presented some unique “ATC Challenges”, with controllers watching a string of aircraft pass across their screens. This marked the first time I was honored to fly the tour as “P.I.C.” and it would also become my first “Declared” (very loose) FORMATION and how exciting that was, when ATC asked us kindly to switch off the Transponders of the non-leading aircraft. We would be handled as “one” aircraft.

Gran Coulee and Electric City pass

Our guests found it equally as exciting, with constant radio-chatter between the aircraft, maintaining separation and pointing out interests along the route down the river. (*I’d always wanted to fly that route) Over Long Lake, Nine-Mile, Seven Bays, and down the Mighty Columbia all the way to the Gran Coulee Dam! Lots of happy smiles and thumbs up from the backseat of our aircraft, anyway.

22 Passengers, in all, flown in 9 aircraft for the 212nm trip, making just a tad over 4,400 “passenger miles” flown! Coming back into town, ceilings greeted us at 1,400’ so we were very thankful mother-nature had given us such a perfectly timed window of opportunity before the radar again would light-up for the afternoon. Carolyn had all the fixings setup as the Vets were treated to “Hangar Lunch” courtesy of Subway, stories and friendships exchanged. Bonus: even our “ground support” Chris Wetherell of ARFF (an aspiring young aviator himself) got to “tag along” for the ride;  Nobody seemingly to care, that we hadn’t seen a spot of “foliage” along the entire ride.

WASHINGTON PILOTS: Bob Warner, Dave DuFour, Geoff Scott, Mel Fitzpatric, Jeff Renfrow, Tom Morris, Larry Howard, Jerry Baur, Garry White, Duane Lukan, Paul Vietzke. (not shown: Carolyn White, Chris Wetherel – Ground support, Pam Wicks-V.A.)


Alternate Route - Vets Flight

PHOTOS POSTED AT: http://picasaweb.google.com/geoff945/2010VetsFlight#


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Sent: Monday, March 08, 2010 11:40 PM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Congratulations! It’s an airport!!


After several years of studies and riding the ups and downs of the tides of opinions on the fate of Vista Field, today was the big vote.  In a unanimous decision by the three port commissioners, they voted to keep the airport open!

To the many of you who attended the Monday night hearing, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Thanks to all of you who stepped up to the podium and spoke on behalf of keeping the airport open.  Thirty-six people spoke in favor of keeping the airport and six wanted it closed.

The meeting was orderly, the speakers were eloquent, considerate, and courteous.  A wide variety of points were made with many speakers from outside the area, as well as locally.  John Sibold of the WSDOT Aviation Division, Carol Moser chairman of the state Transportation Committee, and John Dobson of Washington Pilots Association were among the notable speakers in favor of keeping Vista Field open.

- Marjy Leggett/AOPA Airport Support Network Volunteer

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02-24-10 *UPDATE*




Concerned Washington pilots not out of the weeds yet…. This is your last chance for pilots, business and aircraft owners to comment on the proposed aviation excise tax. Enacting Section 10 of House Bill 3176 will result in Washington having the highest taxes on aircraft in the nation.  This will chase more businesses out of state, and make further reduce tax revenues used for supporting K-12, police, fire protection, and other essential services.

Because of State taxes (sales taxes and aviation fuel taxes) Washington already has the 5th highest aviation fuel costs in the nation. The cost of collecting the aviation excise tax is very high.  The Fiscal Note projects that 13% of the projected revenue would be expended in the first year, and that 8% of the projected revenue would be spent in tax collections annually thereafter.  If projected revenue is optimistic, as quite likely because of many factors excluded from the fiscal note, the cost of collecting the tax as a proportion of State revenues will be much higher and little “new” revenue to the state will result. Instead there will simply be further increases in the number of State employees and the State will incur further financial obligations.

In OUR WPA chapter’s opinion; there will be loss of economic activity generated by general aviation.  AOPA and others have estimated General Aviation generated in past years about $3 BB per year in economic activity in Washington.  Since the current downturn began in 2008 economic activity has diminished by about 25%.  AOPA estimated further reductions of 5-10% might occur if the proposed excise tax is enacted.

Pilots love to “Do the math”:   10% of $3 BB is $300 MM…  The Legislature’s fiscal note predicts gross revenue from the excise tax will be about $9.4 MM.  Even if the loss in economic activity is only 5% that’s still 15x the projected tax revenue.  And the tax revenue projection ignores revenue loss to the State such as less B&O taxes from reduced business activity, the loss of sales tax revenues, loss of leasehold taxes, increased unemployment costs.  The Fiscal Note also ignores the impact of reduced business activity, sales tax receipts, and lower fees on local government or on airport viability.

See linked discussions below for the impracticality of using “market value” in a meaningful way, and the likelihood of further increases in collection costs to resolve valuation appeals. All local and state pilots are called: Keep the pressure up!  The House Finance Committee will send its bill to the floor soon.  Monday is the last day that finance bills (read that HB 3176) can be moved out of committee.  The hearings before the House Finance Committee were on Saturday afternoon two weeks ago… with about two days notice.  Would anyone be surprised if the bill was pushed out of committee to the floor for a vote Saturday or even Sunday (late)? Av8News will be monitoring.

-AV8NEWS/WPAOn The Beam-24/7

SECURITY ALERT: KNOW THY HANGARSafely in the hangar... OR IS IT? (Photo:Flightaware.com)

Your plane is safely secured behind the home folding doors…. Isn’t it? I mean you have a control lock-boot , door locks, maybe even a locking ignition cover? But do you really need to do all that IN YOUR OWN HANGAR? Apparently, and especially so,  if you live on the “west side” of the state where one teenage individual is suspected in up to 30 thefts. Even better…. just lock it and bring the keys with you!

It’s a wonder this kid hasn’t killed himself (yet) with no apparent flight experience (other than the several aircraft he’s stolen over the past weeks, and a learn to fly handbook purchased with a stolen credit card). Most recently rolling a $400,000 SR-22 into soft mud off the edge of a runway during a landing attempt. It’s just a matter of time before this kid “gets it”, either from local law enforcement, the feds, or…. his own un-skilled hand. He already came very close by nearly flying into Vancouver Olympic TFR during one such “joy flight”. Pilots and airport personnel need to be be especially aware of their surroundings, as we all look out for one  another. -ABC News


And, in an apparent “rash” of un-certificated flight this week, see THIS STORY on AVWEB regarding a 23yr who flew to LAX earlier this week.

Not all UAV’S are “Spy Planes”NASA- "Dream Enviormental Research Platform"

Or so says NASA later this month, at NASA’s Dryden research center as “Global Hawk” is launched in an environmental study. Media Day is planned for Tue, 23 Feb 2010 23:00:00 -0600 Reporters are invited to observe the first environmental science mission of NASA’s Global Hawk unmanned aircraft system at the Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif.



"pro-sumer" version

ED NOTE: IF THIS STORY IS OF INTEREST TO YOUNOAA Recovery, you may also want to check out my friend Curt Olson’s site where he’s been involved with NOAA for years (to help study the “plastic island” and currents off Hawaii) Using a specially designed R/C “UAV”. He’s got some interesting pictures and documents, and what a great ‘excuse” to have to go ‘work’ in Hawaii, eh???  Seriously there’s some really cool news & info on there.


THE WPA FUND-RAISER/BANQUET THIS WEEKEND atop the Comfort Inn (remember the Shilo discotheque of the 70’s & 80’s?) 923 E 3rd at 6:30pm. There are still a few tickets that will be available at the door, but if you are bringing a lot of people you should call and reserve dinners. The choice is Chicken or Beef. Speakers for the night include WPA State president John Dobson, multiple scholarship recipients to be introduced, a silent auction for next years scholarships, and “The QUEST KODIAK STORY” with Keynote speaker Dave Voetmann. Go to WPAs official Spokane chapter website for more info, and contacts. We hope to see you there!



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AV8NEWS – 02/21/2010



AOPA  assures “Suicide Flight” NOT your typical pilot.

This week, the aviation community suddenly found itself at the center of the troubling issue of suicide in America. As tragic and dramatic as this one suicide in Austin proved to be, those who influence and make public policy have a responsibility to keep this event in perspective. The fact is that pilots are a remarkably healthy group of individuals, both physically and psychologically. for more… http://blog.aopa.org/aopanow/?p=325&WT.mc_id=ebrief

-AOPA E-brief

AV8NEWS PODCAST: Tillamook Air “Northwest Classics”

icon for podpress  022010-AV8NEWS (Tillamook Air Curator Interview) [10:40m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Tillamook Air SpaceThe very large annual Tillamook Air show has changed it’s date & name this year; “Northwest Classics,” formerly known as “Planes Trains and Automobiles”. Check out the awesome poster. Christian Gurling, curator for the museum thought a date in the middle of summer (July31st) would offer a better chance of that elusive Pacific-Coast GOOD weather. And whether you are a pilot with classic aircraft, an exhibitor with a product or service to promote, or just an aviation and war-bird enthusiast… it’s a great deal, just $5 with proceeds going to the Special Olympics!

Event has been expanded, which is hard to do when you’re already in a blimp-sized hangar/museum.  They’ll be flying them too! Not just a bunch of static, on display; AV8News speaks to Christian Gurling in this week’s podcast where we go in-depth covering a barrage of topics from aircraft restoration, acquisition, to setting up the largest aviation event that side of the Columbia. He also wants you to know; “…If you have any individuals who do express interest in setting up a booth at the show, please let me know and I’ll get them set up. In terms of vendors, they will be set up in 10X10 spots. These spaces will run the vendor $50.00 for the day. Pretty cheap actually.” (Especially when sources at Arlington are reportedly paying as much as $500 per day)More info?  contact: cgurling@tillamookair.com


Check your EMAIL. You should have gotten a message by now from the FAA regarding the March 31 Deadline for Replacing Paper Pilot Certificates

Pilots who have not yet traded in their paper pilot certificates have until March 31, 2010, when the paper certificates are set to expire. If you’re still using paper, don’t delay. Pilots can no longer exercise the privileges of their paper pilot certificates after the March 31 deadline. Renewing a certificate can be done online or through the mail, and instruction can be found at:  http://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airmen_certification/certificate_replacement/. Requesting a replacement certificate online requires creating an account with Airman Certification Online Services, which only takes a few minutes. Being registered can help you in the future with quicker processing of an address change or a replacement certificate request.

and speaking of “entering the digital age”… finally… what I’ve been waiting for:

Electronic Notification of Airworthiness Directives
Starting March 1, 2010, FAA will no longer mail paper copies of Airworthiness Directives to aircraft owners and operators. You can sign up to receive this information electronically. If you have not already done so, go to http://rgl.faa.gov and sign up to receive electronic copies of Airworthiness Directives (AD) and Special Airworthiness Information Bulletins (SAIB). You can sign up by aircraft type as well as engine and propeller type. “This is an efficient and much faster way for you to receive important safety information,” explains Jennifer Fleming, FAA Information Program Manager.

Ed: also great from non-owners who frequently rent or fly other aircraft or take instruction!

FAA / FAAST Blast Notice Number: NOTC2147

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